Losito & Guarini

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In the far 1910 the young Domenico Losito left from Trani, in the province of Bari, to seek his fortune in the North and stopped in Seveso, in the up north region of Milan called Brianza. It wasn’t by chance because here there was, and there still is, a railway station where trains with wagons loaded with wines in wooden casks used to stop. Following the opening of a tavern with kitchen, he started selling wine too. He was simply selling wine from the cask, very often served in the typical goblet called “scüdela”, paired with delicious specialties cooked by his wife. The couple had so much success to be known and recognized by the name of their village of origin: "the Trani". The family grew and 4 children were born; among them Michele was so lucky to attend the prestigious school of industrial design called “Didattica di Seveso S.Pietro”. Michele married Renata and they moved to Lentate sul Seveso where they opened an eating house starting an activity that would have been handed down from generation to generation. In their restaurant they used to sell the "fiaschetta”, the classical round wine bottle covered with straw. The family Losito never missed wits and in fact Michele started delivering wine house-to-house to considerably increase the number of customers and the market share. The times were ripening: those who dared and sought their luck with enthusiasm and a lot of work obtained great results. So during the 50s Michele moved his business to the outskirts to exploit a wider area, more suitable to the growth of their activity.

His talent and passion for wine and design were conveyed in bottle sketches which remained the same for generations. The small size of the family business did not allow for his dream to come true: combine the beauty and elegance of a unique bottle to an excellent wine. Due to the consequences of injuries received during the Second World War Michele died at the beginning of the 70s without being able to see his ideas realized. In the meantime Luisa, Michele’s daughter, married Mister Guarini in 1968; he came from Apulia and had a wholesale wine trade in Como. The newlyweds set up home in Lentate and in the 60s, thanks to new ideas, installed the first bottling equipment, a procedure that till then was made by hand. The activity continued to grow thanks also to the special attention devoted to wholesalers who were the pillars of the distribution at that time until the 90s when the company, always oriented to the changes of the market, entered into the Italian large-scale retail channel. In that period also the sons Davide and Renato were involved in the family business with different duties. Davide devoted primarily to sales while Renato took care of the management of purchases and production, following also the newly established company in the Oltrepò Pavese in 1996. In 2007 the Guarini family decided to join the two production units in Lentate and Canneto Pavese into one single site in Redavalle (PV), in the heart of the wine production area of Oltrepò Pavese, building a winery over a covered surface of more than 8,000 sqm with three production lines.

In 2010 during a Christmas dinner the brothers Davide and Renato, pushed by the desire to see the family souvenirs, glancing through old photo albums found also some sketches of bottles and the drawings made by Grandpa Michele at the beginning of the century. As a gift in that very special day they decided to realize Michele’s dream and like in a happy ending fairy tale they produced the bottles of the present line “C’era una volta” and later of the line “Bollato” in 2013 Over the years, the company Losito e Guarini has grown to become the leading wine company of the Oltrepo' Pavese and one of the most important wine distribution company of the region Apulia. A story going on every day, binding together past, present, and future…